Zodiac Webshop

Zodiac Webshop

Zodiac is one of the biggest supplier of aftermarket and custom parts for your American motorcycle.

To order parts from Zodiac via 45 Flathead Service there is now a webshop for you.

The link to go to this webshop is here : Webshop Zodiac .



Here you can order parts from Zodiac and 45 Flathead Service shall ship it to you after payment.


Sadly this webshop is not linked with the 45 Flathead Service Webshop.

After you placed your order you get and confirmation email from Zodiac with a order number.
In this order the potential shippingcosts are not included yet.

45 Flathead Service shall process your order.
After receiving your order at Zodiac you get an order and order number from 45 Flathead Service.
45 Flathead Service tries to do this the same day.

The received order number is mentioned in the remarks section of the 45 Flathead Service order.

Potential Shipping costs are also in the order now.

After payment (banktransfer or paypal request) your order is shipped to 45 Flathead Service .
This takes about 1 workday.

After receiving the ordered parts 45 Flathead Service sents the parts to you.

The Zodiac webshop has sadly not yet a link to there stock system. 
If you unexpectedly order a part that is not on stock we will contact you.


No shipping costs for orders above 500 euros to countries in the EU.