Important customer information


Important information for you as customer. Read the information below before you make an order at 45 Flathead Service. 




1. Contact

2. The webshop

2.1 Parts

2.2 Services









1. Contact.

If you have any questions,remarks or you want advice about a subject related to classic Harley's then you can contact us by sending a message with the Contact form. You can also always send an E-mail to . 45 Flathead Service will reply as soon as possible, this will be no longer then 24 hours before you get an answer from us.  


2.The Webshop 

In the Webshop you will find all the parts that we ship to almost every country. Besides parts we also ship other means, like oils and grease, to keep your classic Harley on the road. Also you find an oversight of the services we provide and a photogallery which will be updated regularly.


2.1 Parts.

The parts are classified in sections like "Engine" or "Electricity" . If you clic on a section you will be directed to the subsections which are related to the main section. Some parts are classidied in multiple sections.

You can also find parts with the "search" option, You can search on name of the part, 45 Flathead part number or OEM H-D part number. 

2.2 Services

Under "Services" you will find an list of services that 45 Flathead Service besides parts supplies. If you have trouble with your engine, gearbox, electricity, brakes, wheels, etc or you want to bring your classic motorcycle for maintanance you find information here. When you have questions, you can always contact us.

2.3 Photogallery

In the section "Photogallery" you find the photos of the activities that 45 Flathead Service perform. These photos are updated regularly.



45 Flathead Service has a small amount of parts on stock. Most of the time I have to order in your parts at several suppliers. Depending on the speed of delivery of the suppliers shipping is most of the time within 1 week. 

Given the nature of the parts it is possible that some parts for a couple days/weeks or months are not available. When a part is not currently available 45 Flathead Service shall contact you via E-mail and consult with you if the concerning part is removed from your order or placed in backorder until the part is available again.

Because it is possible that parts are not available at the moment there are no stock indicators. 

4. Pricing

All prices in the webshop can be altered at any moment. If the price of a part has changed in your order, 45 Flathead Service will contact you. You then can deide if still want to order the part or that the part is removed from the order. 


5. Ordering

If you want to order at 45 Flathead Service it is recommended to use the webshop. You can place the desired parts with the amount needed in the shoppingcart in 1 clic.
When your order is complete then you go to your shoppingcart. Here it is possible to check your order and if desired make changes in your order.

Important take note: You have to make 2 choices before you clic on "Check out". You have to choose the "Delivery method" and "Payment method" .

 Below are the 2 explained.


Delivery Method:

There are several choices of delivery. Below are the choices explained.

  • Postal Service 
    The delivery method  "Postal service" is for parcels send only to the Netherlands. If you want your order send to another country this option has to be changed before you continue your check out proces.
    The parcel will be send with "Track and Trace".
  • Customer Pickup
    Choose the choice "Customer pickup" if you want to pick up your order at 45 Flathead Service.
  • Parcel Europe 1
    Choose the delivery method "Parcel Europe 1" if you want your order to be send to one of the following countries: 
    Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (excl. Faeröer islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vaticancity), Austria, Espane (incl. Balaeric islands, excl. Canary islands), Sweden.
    The parcel will be send with "Track and Trace".

    It also possible to insure you parcel. You can choose between "Parcel Europe 1 insured to €500,00" or "Parcel Europe 1 insured to €5500,00".
  • Parcel Europe 2
    Choose the delivery method "Parcel Europe 2" if you want your order to be send to one of the following countries:
    Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Slovenia, Slowakia, Czech Republic, Finland (Suomi).
    The parcel will be send with "Track and Trace".

    It also possible to insure you parcel. You can choose between "Parcel Europe 2 insured to €500,00" or "Parcel Europe 2 insured to €5500,00".
  • Parcel Europe 3
    Choose the delivery method "Parcel Europe 3" if you want your order to be send to one of the following countries:Switzerland, Norway, Andorra, Albania, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Channel Islands, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Oekraïne, San Marino, Serbia, Turkiye Vaticancity and United Kingdom.

    It also possible to insure you parcel. You can choose between "Parcel Europe 3 insured to €500,00" or "Parcel Europe 3 insured to €5500,00".
  • Parcel Worldwide insured to €500,-- or Parcel Worldwide insured to €5500,--
    If you are outside Europe you choose this option 
    45 Flathead Service ships worldwide.

    Because of COVID shipments outside of Europe get an additional COVID charge on the shippingcosts. This will be included later in the order.


Payment Method : 

Several choices can be made at the payment method option. Below the payment options are explained.

  • Payment in advance
    You choose the paymentb method "payment in advance" if you want to transfer the total amount of your order directly to ING bankaccount 6061663 of 45 Flathead Service. For this payment method there are no extra costs calculated. 
    Customers outside the Netherlands also need the following codes:
    IBAN: NL53INGB0006061663
  • Cash
    If you want to get your parts at the 45 Flathead Service self you choose this payment method. The coffee stands ready for you.

    Also choose this option if you do not want to pay immediatly.
    45 Flathead Service shall sent a paypal request to you when the order is ready for shipping

  • Paypal Express
    If you want to pay with paypal you have to choose this payment method. Instead of choosing the "check out" option you can now clic on the "Paypal Express" button next to it. Then you go directly to the Paypal menu for payment. 45 Flathead Service currently has to charge 3,4 % on the total amount for this payment method. 

    Important, don't forget to finish your order after payment.

After the possibility to fill the "remarks"box You can clic on the button of "check out". In the "adress" field you enter all the relevant adress fields for sending your order. 

It is possible to enter a different delivery adress.

It is also possible to log in if you are registered, if you do so all adress fileds are automatically filled.

If you are not registered it is possible to do this at the bottom of the page. Benefits for registering are found under "Registration" .


If you have filled the page correctly you can clic on "next" at the bottom of the page en you goto the field "order".

In this field you can check your order a last time. If everything is ok you press the button "place order" . Your order is now final and a conferment E-mail will be send to you with your order.

45 Flathead Service will inform you of the progress of your order.


It is also possible to order via E-mail. If you want to order, you have to send us an e-mail with the 45 Flathead Service partnumber or original H-D partnumber and the amount that you like to have. This you send to 45 Flathead Service. We shall contact you over your order.


6. Cancelation

Order can be canceled till 24 hours after ordering.


7. Delivery

After your order is placed and payed, 45 Flathead Service will make your order complete and shall do its best to send it to you within 3 to 5 workdays. After your order is send you receive an E-mail with a track and trace code. With this code the parcel can be tracked via

If a part is for a short time not available 45 Flathead Service will contact you via e-mail. The part can be removed from your order or placed in "backorder". 

If you don't want the part anymore 45 Flathead Service shall return the costs of that part.


8. Registration.

It is possible to register at 45 Flathead Service, this has the following benefits.

  • If you are registered after log in you don't have to fill adress anymore when you make an order. 
  • You can make an "wishlist" of the parts you need. Later you can transfer parts to an order.
  • Former orders are saved for later viewing.
  • orders above € 500, -- get an small discount.